SCART Adaptor AV Block To 3 Phono Composite or S-Video With In/Out Switch GOLD


Bi-directional (Switchable).

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This adaptor comes with 3 RCA sockets (L & R audio and Video), and an s-video (SVHS) socket and can be connected to one scart input.

Also The adaptor can be used to input or output thus multi-purpose using the sliding switch.


Features/Specifications: • This adapter can be used to connect PC’s, Mac’s. IPOD’s, MP3 players, video cameras and so on, to TV’s, VCR’s and DVD Players.
• Bi-directional (Switchable).
• The adapter comes in black with Gold Connectors. Package Includes: • 1 x Gold Stereo 3 RCA Phono & S-Video SVHS Scart Adapter