Sata 15CM 4 Pin Molex Female To 15 Pin Male Power Adapter Cable Hard Disk Drive


Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 Standards

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Serial ATA Power Cables are usually 4 or 5-pin Molex Cables with 15-pin SATA Connectors.

SATA power cables currently used for IDE/ATAPI to SATA power adapters.

One end of the SATA power cable is a typical 4-pin IDE/ATAPI Molex power connector (which gets connected to an unused power cable from the power supply) and the other end (15-pin connector) gets connected to the SATA hard drive.

Connects any SATA Drive to a standard internal power connector
Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 Standards
Shielded cable to protect against EMI/RFI
Length: 15cm
Connector A: 15pin SATA Male
Connector B: 4 pin Molex Female (internal)

Package contents:
15CM 4Pin Female Molex to 15Pin SATA Male Connector Cable