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ADSL –Wireless LAN Router

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The De-Facto standard for ADSL Microfilters in the UK!

The Data-Net filter is a full UK standard spec ADSL Microfilter for BT exchanges within the UK.

Featuring high-performance circuits to keep telephone conversations at high quality and at the same time maintain optimum ADSL line speeds all the way up to ADSL2 8 Mbps specifications.


All requirements for this specification can be met in the presence of all POTS loop currents from 0 mA to 100 mA. This Single In-Line filter can pass POTS tip-to-ring DC voltages of 0 V to 105 V and ringing signals of 40 Vrms to 150 Vrms at any frequencies from 15.3 Hz to 68 Hz superimposed on DC voltages in the range from 0 V to 105 V. The DC resistance from tip-to-ring at the line port interface with the phone interface shorted, shall be less than or equal to 50 ohms for one filter. The DC resistance from tip-to-ground and from ring-to-ground at the Phone interface with the Line interface open shall be greater than or equal to 10 Megohms. The ground point shall be local building or green wire ground. As an objective, the DC resistance should exceed 10 MW.


ADSL –Wireless LAN Router
ADSL –Wireless Access Point
ADSL –Wireless Bridge