3m Firewire IEEE-1394 DV Cable 6 to 6 pin (PC or Mac) nickle


Nickle plated with gold contacts

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Firewire is also known as I-link or IEEE1394 and is high speed (400Mbps). Almost standard on all Digital Video Cameras, and offers a standardised, easy to use, plug and play method of connecting peripherals to your PC/Mac. Slightly slower than USBv2 (480Mbps) but often more reliable, which comes from the internationally recognised standard (IEEE). IEEE1394b is available which is twice as fast (800Mbps).
The 6 connector on Firewire is the standard for most PC”s and is a larger block
6 to 6 usually connects the PC”s together to create fast networks (Check operating system support – works with Windows XP). It can be used for other peripheral connection (some Firewire scanners, external drives etc). It may also be used to connect Video editing systems to your computer. Check devices documentation for more details.
Nickle plated with gold contacts