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2 X Cat5e RJ45 UTP Network Cable Lead ECONOMISER Ethernet DATA Splitter shielded


Allows two CAT5e connections to share one CAT5e port

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These cable economisers carry two connections over a single network port and outputs the same two connections to different locations. This is the perfect solution for adding extra ports to your wall sockets. These economisers only work in pairs and only if they are connected to the same port number. The Economiser is designed for use on data networks only.

PLEASE NOTE:┬áThese economisers only work in pairs. One must be connected to two ports on your switch or router. The two signals can then be carried over one cable (usually in wall between two faceplates)or using a network cable joiner then using the same at the other end of the patch cable. This single cable must then be connected to the other economiser – from which two cables can be connected for two pcs / devices. One economiser by itself┬áCannot┬ábe used as a splitter.Pack of 2 Economisers SCREENED FTP / 1 Pair.
Allows two CAT5e connections to share one CAT5e port PROVIDING IT IS WIRED UP CORRECTLY.
21cm lead.
For data networks.