2 Way rj11 adsl Modular Phone Telephone Wall Splitter 4 Pin 4 Connector


1 x 2-Way Telephone Adapter

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Rj11 plug [NOT BT PLUG]4P4C to RJ11 2-Way Female Modular Phone Telephone Wall Splitter


4-Conductor 4P4C Phone Splitter Adapter with 1 plug and 2 jack.
Plug 2 voice or data devices into 1 jack.
RJ11 2-Way Splitter splits one jack into two jacks.
Supports one or two lines on each jack.

Plug the 2-for-1 Modular Splitter into existing modular jack at the wall.
You can then plug any combination of phones, answering dialers, modems, speaker phones, etc., into the two outlets.
Dimension: L3.7 x W2.7 x H 2.2cm
Weight: 8.0g
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1 x 2-Way Telephone Adapter